women from scotland

What are women like in Scotland?

Strong and Independent. Scottish ladies wear their hearts on their sleeves and always mean what they say. In comparison with other girls who like to make backroom deals, manipulate, play up or make pretenses, Scottish women talk directly and don’t hide their feelings and emotions.

What is a Dookit?

noun Scottish. 1. a dovecote. 2. a small closet or cupboard.

What is the purpose of a dovecote?

Dovecotes are structures designed to house pigeons or doves. They are also referred to as ‘culverhouses’ (English), ‘columbaria’ (Latin) and ‘doocots’ (Scots).


What is a Dove House?

A dovecote or dovecot /ˈdʌvkɒt/, doocot (Scots) or columbarium is a structure intended to house pigeons or doves. Dovecotes may be free-standing structures in a variety of shapes, or built into the end of a house or barn. They generally contain pigeonholes for the birds to nest.


What is inside a dovecote?

Dovecote interiors are filled with nesting holes where doves or pigeons can nest and nurture their offspring. And while dovecotes—or pigeonniers as they are known in France—may seem like a romantic architectural accessory to country houses, these structures had pragmatic origins.

What does a dovecote look like?

In the medieval period, they were usually large, circular structures built of stone and topped with pointed roofs. Occasionally, however, we find timber-framed dovecotes that are rectangular, square or even polygonal in shape, and others with domed roofs.


What is a pigeon house?

A dovecote, dovehouse, or pigeon house, was a structure for breeding and housing domestic pigeons. Because pigeons provided meat and eggs as well as fertilizer, dovecotes were constructed to ensure the birds’ safety and to aid in the retrieval of eggs.

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