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How do Turkish get married?

In Turkey, you must be married in a legal civil ceremony. Many couples choose to have a religious ceremony a few days before the legal ceremony, where they invite family and friends to a service and then reception – much like western-style weddings.

What time do Turkish people sleep?

According to the findings of the research, Turks sleep for an average of 8 hours per night. 67% of participants go to bed between 23:00 and 01:00, and 50% wake up between 07:00 and 09:00. 42% wake up with an alarm, whereas 4 out of 10 are able to wake up without the help of an alarm or another person.

Is Turkish romantic?

Spoken by over 75 million people, Turkish has lots of ways to express love and affection. But there’s a very specific reason why it might be the most romantic language of all: Turkish soap operas.

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