top korean model

Who is the top Korean model?

Here are nine of the world’s top Korean models.Park Soo Joo.Hyoni Kang. … Kim Sung Hee. … Park Ji Hye. … Kwak Ji Young. … Bae Yoon Young. … Han Hye-Jin. … Jang Yoon-Ju. …

How old is Choi Sora?

29 years (September 5, 1992)Choi So-ra / Age

Is Sora Choi still married?

Sora Choi (Korean: 최소라; born September 5, 1992) is a South Korean fashion model. She won the third cycle of the reality television show Korea’s Next Top Model….Sora ChoiOccupationModelYears active2012–presentSpouse(s)Kove Lee ​ ( m. 2019)​Modeling information

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