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Do Swedes wear makeup?

On the Swedish Beauty Look We wear makeup, but we don’t have full faces of it on. Just a good base and highlighter. It’s a really natural, glow-y approach. Swedish women are also very aware and cautious about their choices of beauty products, especially when it comes to skin care and the ingredients.

Why do Swedes stare?

Swedes stare a lot, get used to it Don’t feel uncomfortable when they do that (plus you tend to do the same thing to check if they’re still staring…), I’ve asked around and many just responded that they’re thinking about something else and don’t notice they’re staring at you!

How many kisses are there in Sweden?

In the Middle East, one kiss on the lips is a normal greeting, but not between men and women. Two: Double up in Spain, Austria, Sweden, Hungary and, more recently, in Britain. Three or more: Triple kisses will work in Egypt, Russia, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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