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100 most popular baby names in Slovenia for girlsRankNameNumber of letters1Zala4 letters2Eva3 letters3Ema3 letters4Lara4 letters

What is the most common name in Slovenia?

Liam, Svit, Nace, Dalibor, Tara and Zarja for the first time among the top 200 names in SloveniaMenPopulationRankfirst namefamily name1FrancNovak2JanezHorvat3IvanKovačič•Sep 20, 2018

What name means light girl?

Girl Names That Mean Light for the Light of Your LifeJyotikaLight, FlameIndian (Sanskrit)LenoraSun ray, shining light; compassion; lightGreekLenoreLightGreekLinahLightGreekLioraGod’s gift of light to meHebrew

What are the 5 top girl names?

Top 1,000 most popular baby girl namesOlivia.Emma.Ava.Charlotte.Sophia.Amelia.Isabella.Mia.

What language do Slovenians speak?

SlovenianSlovenia / Official languageSlovene, or alternatively Slovenian, is a South Slavic language spoken by the Slovenes. It is spoken by about 2.5 million speakers worldwide, the majority of whom live in Slovenia, where it is one of the three official languages. Wikipedia

What is the prettiest French name?

Cute and Pretty French NamesManon: a derivative of Madeline, which means “elevated” or “magnificent”Margot or Margaux: pearl.Meline: little honey.Mirabelle: plum.Nicollete: victorious.Noelle: born on Christmas.Noémie: pleasant and lovely.Risette: pleasant little laugh.

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