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What are the characteristics of a Puerto Rican?

Puerto Ricans tend to be friendly and cheerful people who move their hands a lot when they talk and express their emotions with intensity and passion. When you pass by locals walking through the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan, they will greet you with a buenos días (good morning), even if they do not know you.

What is unique about Puerto Rican culture?

The culture of Puerto Rico is the result of a number of international and indigenous influences, both past and present. Modern cultural manifestations showcase the island’s rich history and help to create an identity which is uniquely Puerto Rican – Taíno (Native Indian), Spanish, African, and North American.

What are some Puerto Rican values?

Family, respect, education, language, religion, pride… these are just a few of the many principles Puerto Ricans hold dear.


What’s up in Puerto Rican slang?

Acho/Chacho Just like most Spanish speaking countries, Puerto Ricans have a way of shortening words. So, if you are trying to say, “What’s up, dude?” you can say “¿Que tal, acho?” They are also used as fillers between thoughts and sentences when speaking. It’s similar to “well” in English.


What are Puerto Rican beliefs?

The majority of Puerto Ricans are Roman Catholic, but religious freedom for all faiths is guaranteed by the Commonwealth Constitution.

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