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How do you write pretty girl in Chinese?

Chinese English Pinyin Dictionary靓女 Trad. 靚女 liàng nǚ pretty girl.靓女 Trad. 靚女 liàng nǚ (dialect) pretty girl.

How do you say hi pretty lady in Chinese?

Graded automatically based on peer agreement. KudoZ….Chinese translation: 嘿,小妞English term or phrase:Hi pretty girlChinese translation:嘿,小妞Entered by:Libin PhD16 Mar 2002

What is hot girl in Chinese?

辣妹 (làmèi, hot girl)

How do you describe beautiful in Chinese?

Beautiful, Pretty, Good-Looking The Mandarin Chinese phrase for “beautiful” or “pretty” is ►piàoliang, and can be used to describe people, places, or objects. Piàoliang consists of two characters: 漂亮.

What does Leng Lui mean?

#1: Leng chai / leng lui These terms are derived from the Cantonese dialect – “leng” means pretty/good looking; “chai” and “lui” mean boy and girl respectively. Commonly used when anyone wants to get your attention.

How do you say cute girl in Mandarin?

How to say “Cute” in Chinese | Mandarin MadeEz by ChinesePod

How do you say beautiful girl?

How to Pronounce BEAUTY & BEAUTIFUL American English …

What is the most beautiful Chinese word?

10 MOST BEAUTIFUL CHINESE WORDS AND PHRASES#1 烟雨 (yān yǔ)#2 似水流年 (sì shuǐ liúnián)#3 风花雪月 (fēng huāxuěyuè)#4 梦蝶 (mèng dié)#5 浮生若梦 (fú shēng ruò mèng)#6 心有灵犀一点通 (xīn yǒu líng xī yī diǎn tōng)#7 剑胆琴心 (jiàn dǎn qín xīn)#8 西风 (xī fēng)

Is Walao a bad word?

6. Walao / Walao Eh. Meaning: A word used to describe the feeling of surprise or disbelief.

What is Sien in Chinese?

Sien Surname Meaning Sien is a last name commonly found in United States among its Chinese community. It is the transliteration of a Chinese surname meaning: surname Xian. Related Surnames: See, Xian, Xie. Popular in Countries: United States.

How do you say pretty girl in Cantonese?

靚女 (leng3 neoi5)/靚仔 (leng3 zai2) literally “pretty girl” and “handsome boy” respectively, mostly used in HK style restaurants, bars, and street markets.

What is Shuai?

shuài gē handsome guy lady-killer handsome (form of address) Example Usage.

How do you spell pretty as in pretty lady?

adjective, pret·ti·er, pret·ti·est. pleasing or attractive to the eye, as by delicacy or gracefulness: a pretty face.

How do you say Beaty?

How to Pronunce Beaty in English – – YouTube

How do you say you’re beautiful in Hong Kong?

nei5 hou2 leng3. 你好靚。 You’re beautiful.

What are some aesthetic words?


What are some cool Chinese words?

Cool Chinese Words94 九四 (jiǔ sì) “Exactly”PMP “Brown Noser”算了 (suàn le) “Whatever, forget it”去你的! (qù nǐ de!) “Go away!”土 (tǔ) “Unfashionable”没门儿 (méi mén er) “No Way!”亲 (qīn) “Baby” or “Bae”哥们 (Gē men) “Bro”

What is Chio Bu?

Chiobu. Used to describe a female who is especially beautiful and attractive. “Look at that chiobu over there… I wish she was my girlfriend.”

What is Pok Kai?

pok kai (not comparable) (Singapore, Malaysia, slang) Having no money; broke; bankrupt.

What does Siao mean?

Siao (see-ow) Meaning: Hokkien for “crazy”. This versatile word can be used to describe a person or simply an exclamation for a situation that seems out of this world – and not in a wondrous way.

How do you say beautiful in Hong Kong?

English Translation: Pretty Another way to say beautiful in Cantonese is 靚 (leng 3). Beautiful means attractive and possessing beauty, while pretty means pleasant in senses.

What does Leng Loi mean?

pretty (girl)
Leng Lui meaning: In Cantonese it’s written as 靚女 which means pretty (girl).

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