most beautiful women in japan

Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese WomenNorika Fujiwara: Save. She is a Japanese beauty queen, a successful model and a very talented actress. … Sayuri Yoshinaga: Save. … Yukie Nakama: Save. … Koyuki: Save. … Hitomi Kuroki: Save. … Nanako Matsushima: Save. … Misaki Ito: Save. … Yuko Takeuchi: Save.More items…•15 Feb 2023

Where are all the beautiful women in Japan?

The northern prefecture of Aomori has gained a bit of a reputation around Japan for being home to many beautiful women, who are dubbed “Aomori Bijin” (“Aomori Beauties”).–t88ZduLVqmXb6P1Tw&s

What is the ideal body type in Japan?

Japanese survey picks “slightly plump” as the cutest body type for women. Heavier-than-average is top pick by men and women, plus older respondents.

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