most beautiful women in brazil

What city has the most beautiful women in Brazil?

The most beautiful women are born in Minas Gerais, but eventually they all move to São Paulo. Everywhere in the world, the smartest and most beautiful people move to the big cities in search of happiness and success.

What part of Brazil has the most women?

In this region, there were the states with the three largest female populations in the country: São Paulo, with 23.3 million women, Minas Gerais, with 10.8 million and Rio de Janeiro, with 8.7 million.

Which city has the most beautiful woman?

Rio de Janeiro is, without a doubt, home to the world’s most beautiful women! Casting their votes during 2014, netizens across the world, declared “Rio de Janeiro” the winner as the number one city with the most gorgeous women, while Milan ranked number 2.

Are men and women equal in Brazil?

Despite having the same legal rights as men, Brazilian women continue to fight for equality in the workplace. The gender wage gap in Brazil is one of the largest in Latin America, and women earn an average of 30% less than men.

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