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Who is the most famous Persian?

Famous Persians / Famous IraniansAsghar Farhadi. Asghar Farhadi. … Gholam A. Peyman. … Professor Madjid Samii. Professor Majid Samii. … Anousheh Ansari. Anousheh Ansari. … Abbas Kiarostami. Abbas Kiarostami. … Jamshid “Jimmy” Delshad. Jamshid “Jimmy” Delshad. … Omid R Kordestani. Omid R Kordestani.

Who are the descendants of Persia?

The Persians, Kurds, and speakers of other Indo-European languages in Iran are descendants of the Aryan tribes that began migrating from Central Asia into what is now Iran in the 2nd millennium bce.

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