men from romania

Are Romanian men kind?

Romanians are friendly and well-behaved people, so they will expect the same in return, even more so when you’re dating them.

What are weddings like in Romania?

Romania. Romanian wedding traditions include a parade of guests in traditional costume before the wedding, the carrying of a decorated pole by the best man, the midnight bridal dance, the presentation of the wedding gifts, and the bride and groom partaking in bits of bread from an oversized loaf.

What is Romania’s main religion?

Romania is a very religious country. Christianity is the largest faith, with roughly 81.9% of the population identifying as Romanian Orthodox Christians, 6.4% identifying as Protestant Christians and 4.3% identifying as Roman Catholics in the 2011 census.

What is the lifestyle of Romania?

Life in Romania is generally guided by religious traditions, and it is a mixture of music and local cuisine that you can experience in most parts of the country. Religion is a very important aspect, especially in family life. Still, Romania is not that traditional in this direction, such as Turkey, for instance.

What is Christmas like in Romania?

Further Christmas traditions and customs in Romania include the decorating of Christmas Tree, which is usually performed by the whole family a couple of days before Christmas; the arrival of Santa Claus with his bag full of gifts, a practice that takes place on Christmas Eve; the decorating of each city with millions …

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