men from croatia

What are the characteristics of Croatians?

Croatians are generally very loyal people and show long-term commitment to members of their family, extended family or extended relations. A common metaphor used among Croats to describe their loyalty and identity is that of a single group of people who share the same blood.

What is the culture like in Croatia?

Croatian culture is based on a long history, dating nearly thirteen centuries back. The country has many monuments and cities, brilliant individuals, as well as six World Heritage sites. Most Croats are Roman Catholic – the majority of Serbs belong to the Serbian branch of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

What is considered rude in Croatia?

It is considered rude to place one’s hands below the table. Rather, Croatians tend to keep their hands above the table. In informal settings, the napkin is unfolded and placed on the lap. It is very common for a glass of wine to accompany the meal.

Who is the smartest person in Croatia?

According to the World Genius Directory, Croatian researcher and physicist Nikola Poljak has an IQ of 183. Born in 1982, Poljak is at present an assistant research fellow and instructor at the University of Zagreb’s physics department.

What is it like to date a Croatian man?

What Is It Like Dating a Croatian Man? As stated in the basic characteristic of Croatian men above, they like to take their time. Don’t rush him to commit as he likes to make sure before taking relationships a step further. They take commitment pretty seriously so you generally cannot expect whirlwind proposals.

Are Croats smart?

Two Croatians are on the list of the 20 most intelligent people in the world, published by portal Business Insider. Although a difficult list to produce, Business Insider has used IQ results as its basis for the list.

What is mislav Predavec IQ?

50-year-old Croat Mislav Predavec, who is a math professor in Croatia’s capital of Zagreb, is 23rd on the list with a reported IQ of 190. “Pedavec was born in Zagreb in 1967, and his unique abilities were obvious from a young age.

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