korean super model

Is Sora Choi a super model?

Sora Choi (Korean: 최소라; born September 5, 1992) is a South Korean fashion model. She won the third cycle of the reality television show Korea’s Next Top Model….Sora ChoiHair colorBlackEye colorBrownAgencyGost (Seoul) The Lions (New York) Wilhelmina Models (London) Special Management (Milan) Ford Models (Paris)

Can a foreigner model in Korea?

The Korean beauty standards is the reason. In conclusion, a foreigner can be a model, but they’ll barely succeed on the career if they don’t match the beauty standards plus if they don’t have any East Asian or Korean features.

How old is Hoyeon Jung?

27 years (June 23, 1994)HoYeon Jung / Age


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