hottest girls in america

Let us quickly check who tops our list of 10 most beautiful American women.Britney Spears: Save. … Megan Fox: Save. … Jennifer Anniston: Save. … Julia Roberts: Save. Via: Pinterest. … Beyonce Knowles: Save. Via: Pinterest. … Angelina Jolie: Save. Via: Pinterest. … Jessica Alba: Save. Via: Pinterest. … Marilyn Monroe: Save. Via: Pinterest.More items…•Mar 2, 2022

Who is the hottest female in the USA?

31 Hottest American Women: Attractive Female CelebritiesCameron Diaz.Hillary Duff.Britney Spears.Megan Fox.Jennifer Anniston.Julia Roberts.Beyonce Knowles.Angelina Jolie.

Where is the most beautiful girls in USA?

Connecticut tops the chart as the state with the most beautiful women while Manhattan, NY is the number one city. Montana ranks highest as the state with the best-looking men while Jacksonville, FL takes the top spot as the city with the hottest guys.

Who is the hottest 2021 Girl?

List Of Most Beautiful Women in the World:Bella Hadid. Based on the recent report provided by “Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi,” Bella Hadid is considered the most sexiest and beautiful woman with presentable facial features. … Adriana Lima. … Beyonce. … Margot Robbie. … Angelbaby. … Ariana Grande. … Gal Gadot. … Scarlett Johansson.

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