gorgeous indian women

Who is the gorgeous women in India?

AISHWARYA RAI BACHCHAN – One can’t ignore her in a list of the most beautiful women of the last three decades. The torchbearer for Indian beauty internationally for the last two decades has delicate features hard to forget. INDRANI DASGUPTA – Known to many as the Lakme girl, she just gets better with age.


Who is the Indian Crush 2021?

Google has honored Rashmika Mandanna as the National Crush of India. Rashmika Mandanna is one of the most popular names in the South film industry.

Who is national female crush of India?

1: Rashmika Mandana Rashmika Mandana won the title of the National Crush of India 2019 and the National Crush of India female 2020 consecutively. She is an Indian actress and also a young model who predominantly works in Telugu and Kannada films.

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