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What is slang for white girl in Spanish?

GLOSSARY ENTRY (DERIVED FROM QUESTION BELOW) English term or phrase: white girl. Spanish translation: güera.

How can I marry a Mexican?

Two foreigners can get married in country with a passport, tourist visa and minimum amount of paperwork. However, if you plan to marry a Mexican resident or citizen, you may need to apply for a foreign marriage permit. Certain municipalities will require it, while others have done away with this traditional law.

How do you say Blondie in Spanish slang?

blondie {noun} rubia {f} [fam.] rubita {f} [fam.]

What does WETA in Spanish mean?

Originally Posted by queen. Guera literally means blonde, but in mexico it can also be anyone who has like lighter hair, skin, or eyes. it’s appearance, but i’m pretty sure anyone who thinks of themselves as superior or in a higher class can be a guera.

Can you marry at 12 in Mexico?

And, the data show, a fifth of Mexican women marry underage. The group of women gathered at the community center estimate the average age for girls to marry in Coatecas Altas is 14 but say it happens as young as 11 or 12. Graciela Garcia, 19, married her high school friend Jaime when she was 15.

How many wives can you have in Mexico?

Church and Mexican law do not allow more than one marriage at a time. Cienega and Bocato de la Pila were married in a church; he says he and his second wife had a civil ceremony. He and his second wife have an infant son and she is pregnant.

What does Guero mean in English?

Güero refers to any person with fair hair and skin. There is no political connotation to the term güero, and Mexicans will even refer to fair-haired compatriots as güeros.

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