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What do you call your girlfriend in Korean?

Cute Korean Nicknames귀요미 (kiyomi) – “Cutie”애인 (aein) – “Sweetheart”여보 (yeobo) – “Darling” or “honey”자기야 (jagiya) – “Baby”내사랑 (nae sarang) – “My love”오빠 (oppa) – “Older brother” but used by women to boyfriends or husbands as “honey”왕자님 (wangjanim) – “Prince”공주님 (gongjunim) – “Princess”

What does Yeochin mean?

1. 남친 / 여친 – (namchin / yeochin) Meaning: boyfriend/girlfriend. This is a shortened way of saying 남자 친구 (nam-ja chin-goo) and 여자 친구 (yeo-ja chin-goo). This is similar to shortening boyfriend and girlfriend in English using gf and bf.

What does Jagiya mean?

Jagiya (자기야) is an affectionate way to call your boyfriend or girlfriend. Jagiya is similar to ‘honey’, ‘darling’, baby’ in English. Both married and unmarried couples can call each other Jagiya. Below you can find some example sentences with Jagiya and some other ways to call your significant other in Korean.

What do Korean people call their lovers?

1. Aein – “Sweetheart” / “Lover” For our first lesson in Korean terms of endearment, aein (“sweetheart” or “lover”) is a pretty great place to start! It happens to be a gender-neutral term too, so you can use it to address men as well as women.

How do you call your partner in Korean?

Korean Terms of Endearment – Cute Nicknames and Sweet TermsJagiya (자기야) – “Honey” or “Baby”Nae sarang (내 사랑) – “My Love”Yeobo (여보) – “Honey” or “Darling”Aein (애인) – “Sweetheart”Aegiya (애기야) – “Baby”Naekkeo (내꺼) – “Mine” or “My Sweetheart”Gongjunim (공주님) – “Princess”Wangjanim (왕자님) – “Prince”

What does Dae mean in Korean?

The name Dae is primarily a male name of Korean origin that means Greatness.

What is Chagiya?

In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Chagiya is: Festival.

What is Bestie in Korean?

The most common way to say best friend in Korean is 베프 (bepeu) which is a Korean slang term. This is a shortened version of the Konglish phrase 베스트 프렌드 (beseuteu peurendeu) which means best friend.

What do couples call each other?

From the totally timeless to the trendy and new school, these are the best nicknames.Babe. You can’t go wrong with this staple, adored by both wives and hubbies alike. … Baby. “Baby” is another go-to nickname that will stick even after you have kids. … Honey. … Honey Bunny. … Bear. … Pumpkin. … Nugget. … Boo.

How do you say okay in Korean?

How to say OKAY in Korean. What does GWENCHANA mean …

What is Aigoo?

Aigoo / 아이구: Geez, oh no, oops. Can be used in many different contexts, but usually it’s used to show frustration.

What Yeobo means?

While the word 여보 (yeobo) only means “honey,” the word 자기 (jagi) can also mean “self,” “myself,” or “oneself.” For example, you might hear the phrase 자기 소개 (jagi sogae). This phrase means “self-introduction,” not “introduce your honey.”

How do you compliment a girl in Korean?

I recommend them as a teacher and a learner.You’re handsome. 잘생기셨네요. … Great job! 잘했어! … Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside. 내면이 외면보다 더 아름답네요. … You make me want to be a better person. … That jacket looks nice on you. … You’re smart! … You are an awesome friend. … You have a great sense of humor.

What should I call my gf?

Dear, Baby, Babie, Baby Doll, Baby Girl, Honey, Sugar, Princess, Sweetie, Sweetheart . To give a personal touch to the girlfriend nickname, opt for romantic, funny, personality-based nicknames. That should be both cute and trendy.

How can I call my gf?

Cute Nicknames For GirlfriendsBabe.Love.Beautiful.Princess.Buttercup.Cutie pie.Dream girl.Love bug.

How do you respond to Arasso?

In conversation, respond with araso to let someone know you understand what they’re saying. If you don’t understand and need clarification, you can say arasoyo (아랐어요).

What is Weh in Korean?

Wae is why, and Weh is ‘really’, in the most insulting way.

What is Yeoboseyo?

여보세요 • (yeoboseyo) hello (when asking or answering the telephone) hello (when trying to get the attention of someone who does not appear to be listening)

What is Kamchagiya?

you scared me. Last Update: 2019-10-20.

What is Yeppuda in Korean?

It is beautiful The second way is to use the word 예쁘다 (yeppeuda), which means ‘pretty’. These words generally can both be used interchangeably.

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