dating indian women

What to know about dating an Indian girl?

12 Things To Know About Dating An Indian GirlYes, her parents probably make really good Indian food (or they at least know where the best Indian restaurants in town are) … When she says her parents are conservative, she means it in a different way than you think. … She’s probably not going to have an arranged marriage.

How can I impress a south Indian girl?

Here are some useful tips for you to approach a south Indian girl:Create your impression: … Try to talk in her language: … Show interest in her culture: … Take her to best the south Indian restaurant: … Start Conversing with her: … Show your skills to impress her: … Compliment her: … Show your intelligence:

How do I approach a girl in India Reddit?

Have good sense of humor.Smile.Be comfortable.User good body language. Eye contact will be great.Try to have a legitimate reason and have something to talk about. Don’t just say hi and accept me to take the conversation forward.Jul 15, 2016

What does an Indian man want in a wife?

Pure Love & Affection Showing him pure love and affection is another thing Indian men want in a wife. To feel pampered, cared for and even get spoiled with affectionate hands -Indian men just expect their wives to be superwoman.

What do South Indian girls like?

South Indian girls are very fond of south Indian dishes; they love to eat sambhar vada, idli, dosa, uttapam, etc. It is their tradition to eat on a banana leaf, but in this modern era, there are very few places where this tradition follows.

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