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TOP 50 most popular names given to girls in Croatia in 2018Mia.Sara.Lucija.Ema.Ana.Nika.Petra.Marta.More items…•Mar 26, 2019

What is the most popular girl name in Croatia?

20 most popular girls names in Croatia in 2019Mia (563)Ema (409)Lucija (375)Sara (374)Nika (344)Marta (337)Petra (322)Ana (321)

What is the most common Croatian name?

Most Common Names in Croatia (according to the last census)Ivan – 130,828.Marija – 126,646.Ana – 81,751.Josip – 77,324.Marko – 50,393.Ivana – 49.943.Stjepan – 45,287.Tomislav – 39,105.

Is Elena a Croatian name?

Elena: A form of the popular name Helen in Croatia and other countries in the world. Helen means ‘torch’.

What are some Croatian first names that start with M girl?

Croatian Baby Names for Girl That Starts with M ListNameMeaningGenderMirjanaBeloved one.GirlMirnaA calm and tender personGirlMirtaAn evergreen shrub or a small treeGirlMojcaThe beloved one.Girl

Is Matteo a Croatian name?

Matteo is a male name, in Croatia principally Croatian, but also Italian. It is one of the quite common names (among the top thousand) in Croatia, with over five hundred namesakes living there. The name Matteo was the most popular from years 1997 to 2001, when about 26% of the persons bearing this name were born.

What does Mia mean in Croatian?

Mia is croatian Girl name and meaning of this name is “My. Also a variant of Maria: Wished for child; rebellion.”.

Is Jelena a Croatian name?

Jelena, also written Yelena and Elena, is a Slavic given name. It is a Slavicized form of the Greek name Helen, which is of uncertain origin. Diminutives of the name include Jelica, Jelka, Jele, Jela, Lena, Lenotschka, Jeca, Lenka, and Alena.

Is Alina a Croatian name?

Alina is a female name, in Croatia exclusively Croatian. It is one of the relatively common names (among the top two thousand) in Croatia, with over a hundred namesakes living there.

What did Croatia used to be named?

Historical Backgound It was known as the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. In 1929, the name of this new nation was changed to Yugoslavia.

What is Mateo short for?

Mateo is the Spanish form of Matthew. This form is used in Croatian, from the Italian form Matteo.

What does Mateo mean?

gift of god
What does Mateo mean? gift of god. Spanish.

What is the name Maya?

The name Maya is primarily a female name of English origin that means Good Mother, Illusion, Water. In Sanskrit, Maya means “illusion.” In Greek, Maia means “Good Mother.” In Hebrew, it’s a variation of the name Mayim, meaning “water.” Maya Angelou, author. Maya Rudolph, actress.

What does the name Maya mean?

In Greek, Maya means “good mother,” the Greek variation of the name is also sometimes spelled Maia. In Greek mythology, Maya was the mother of the Greek god Hermes, son of Zeus. She was also the eldest of the Pleiades, who were the seven daughters of the titan Atlas.

What is short for Yelena?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jelena, also written Yelena and Elena, is a Slavic given name. It is a Slavicized form of the Greek name Helen, which is of uncertain origin. Diminutives of the name include Jelica, Jelka, Jele, Jela, Lena, Lenotschka, Jeca, Lenka, and Alena.

Is Jelena a girl name?

Jelena as a girl’s name is of Russian and Slavic origin derived from the word jelen meaning “deer or stag”.

What type of girl Alina was?

Alina is a female given name of European origin. It is particularly common in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe….Alina.GenderFemaleLanguage(s)Slavic languages, Greek, GermanOriginWord/nameSlavic, German, Greek

What nationality is Alina?

Ruxandra Porojnicu (born 5 July 1993) is a Romanian actress. She is known for her portrayal of Alina Pop in the British soap opera Coronation Street from 2019 until 2021….Ruxandra PorojnicuNationalityRomanianOccupationActressYears active2009–presentTelevisionCoronation Street (2019–2021)

Who are Croatians descendants of?

Linguistic evidence suggests that the Croats originate from northwestern Iran and spoke a language related to Iranian. By the time the Croats appear in historical documents, they are a Slavic nation. During the Avar expansion into the Balkans peninsula, the Croats moved into what is Croatia today.

What language is closest to Croatian?

Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian are closely related linguistically, a fact that leads many to consider them one language (Serbo-Croatian) but they have also been identified in various historical contexts as separate languages.

What is it like dating a Croatian woman?

Croatian dating is reserved for the passionate. The average Croatian is passionate about their entire activities be it politics, music, or even their love life. They love passionately and if you are non-passionate, you will have a hard time getting along with them.

What does Julian mean?

The name Julian has both Latin and Greek roots and is derivative of the name Julianus. Julian is most often used as a boy’s name. Its female variants are Julianne, Julia, and Julianna. If you are looking to add some French flair, try spelling Julian with an ‘e.’ Julian means “downy” and “youthful.”1.

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