cartagena colombia nightlife

The Best Nightclubs in Cartagena, ColombiaBazurto Social Club. … Tu Candela. … Cafe Havana. … Donde Fidel. … Fragma Club. … Mister Babilla. … Quiebra-Canto.01-Sept-2017

Is Cartagena Colombia worth visiting?

Cartagena is one of the most visited cities in the Americas: tourists flock here to enjoy the Caribbean climate, historic Walled City and gorgeous nearby beaches.

Is Medellin or Cartagena better?

Medellín wins here, hands down. The 24-hour average temperature during the year in Medellín is 72° F (22 °C). Medellín is known as “La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera,” or the City of Eternal Spring. While in Cartagena, the 24-hour average temperature is 82° F (28° C).

How far is Cartagena from the beach?

The most famous and popular beach paradise near Cartagena is Playa Blanca, about 40 minutes from the city by boat on Isla Barú. While it can be busy on weekends, with many visitors and vendors, its white sands and crystalline blue waters make it one of the most beautiful beaches to visit close to the city.

Does it rain alot in Cartagena Colombia?

A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: May, June, July, August, September, October and November. Cartagena has dry periods in January, February, March and April. On average, October is the wettest month with 9.49 inch (241.0 mm) of precipitation.

Should I go to Bogotá or Cartagena?

No question here – Cartagena hands down. Beautiful colonial city with all the services a tourist need. Bogota is a capital and thus huge, chaotic and polluted. There’s obviously some great things to do there, but Bogota often disappoints travellers.

Is Cartagena cheaper than Medellín?

Other costs like groceries, restaurants, and other things tend to be at least 5% to 15% cheaper in Medellín, in comparison to Cartagena. In general Cartagena is a more expensive place to live than Medellín.

Can I use US dollars in Cartagena Colombia?

The peso is the currency of Colombia. Unlike several other South American countries, Colombia will not accept U.S. dollars as payment. Plan to use only pesos throughout your stay.

Whats better Cartagena or Medellin?

Cartagena is very safe and very touristy.. its also very hot!!! Its a colonial city so its nice if you are into colonial buildings and forts. It will be good for 3 days. Medellin will be more locally and you might not see many tourists.

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