armenian people physical characteristics

Main physical characteristics of Armenians are short and round skull, long and curved nose, dark brown or black hair, dark eyes, thick eyebrows, and light skin. Armenians are an ancient nation and have a rich history and are more varied; you can meet Armenians with lighter or blonde hair, green or blue eyes.

What does Armenia look like?

Armenian Physical Characteristics In general, you may meet Armenians with dark hair, dark eyes, and light skin. However, what obvious is that Armenians vary with their appearance. The majority of the population has dark brown or black hair and eyes. Yet, you may meet a blonde or red-haired Armenians.

What do Armenians call God?

Later, nature worship was replaced with national gods, among them Vanatur, the supreme god of the Armenian pantheon; Nar, the goddess of fertility; Nane, the goddess of motherhood, wisdom and family protection (Nane’s influence is still a part of Armenian traditions, for the people usually call their grandmothers Nane, …

Is Armenia a safe country?

Crime levels are low. But there are occasional incidents of pick pocketing, bag snatching, theft from cars and burglary involving British or other foreign nationals. Although tourists and foreigners have not been targeted, there is a risk of being caught up in such events and you should remain vigilant at all times.

Are Armenians mentioned in the Bible?

The word Bel is named in the bible at Isaiah 46:1 and Jeremiah 50:20 and 51:44. The name Armenia was given to the country by the surrounding states and it comes from the name Armenak or Aram, a great leader and ancestor of all Armenians, known as the great-grandson of Mesopotamian God Haya (Hayk).

What religion do Armenians follow?

the Orthodox Church
Today, about 94% of Armenians are members of the Armenian Apostolic Church. This branch of the Orthodox Church has derived its faith directly from the apostles, Thaddeus and Bartholomew, who preached in Armenia during the first century.

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