Patricio Vallespin

Patricio Vallespin is an elected deputy of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile and a member of the Christian Democratic party. He was elected to the Chamber representing the District 57, the Lakes Region, in 2005 for the period 2006-2010. He was reelected for the same District from 2010-2014, and again 2014-2018.

Deputy Vallespin serves as the Vice President of the Bicameral Commission on Transparency of the Congress, and as a member of the Energy and Natural Resources Commission and the Labor and Social Security Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. He previously served as Chairman of the Commission on Ethics and Transparency of the Chamber.

Deputy Vallespin, a geographer, international consultant and academic, served past appointments as Governor of the Lakes Region in 2002, national director of the Chile Barrio Program in 2001 and regional director of the National Environment Commission in 1999.