Margo Gontar

Co-founder and editor of fact-checking website, producer and anchor of it's weekly news TV show, StopFakeNews.

She spent almost 15 years in media industry, in recent years focusing, among other topics, on propaganda, fakes, weaponization of media and its direct influence on global democratic processes and institutions, as well as such phenomena as "post-truth" and "post-truth society".

Margo has been a keynote speaker at number of international media and politics related events such as Warsaw Security Forum in Warsaw in October 2016, News Impact Summit in Helsinki in September 2016, International Journalism Festival (IJF) in Perugia, Italy in April 2015, Discussion on Digital Disruption in Ukraine at Legatum Institute in July 2015, Global Fact Checking Summit in London, July 2014 and at Cambridge conference "Ukraine and the Global Information War" in October, 2014 among others.

Margo contributed comments to The New York Times, RFE/RL, The Guardian, Vice News, Euronews, DW, YLE, NiemanLab, ARD and more.