May 19-20, 2017

Location 1:

Hrushevskogo Str. 5, Kyiv, Ukraine

Location 2:

Hrushevskogo Str. 26/1, Kyiv, Ukraine


40+ Expert Speakers

About the conference

In 2017, Ukraine is hosting the Global Legislative Openness Conference.

This 2-day event is hosted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, organized by the Legislative Openness Working Group of the Open Government Partnership and Open Parliament Initiative in Ukraine. The event will convene leading legislators, government officials, and civil society representatives to consider how legislative openness can strengthen public trust in representative institutions and build a responsive, 21st century legislature. In addition, the conference will explore how parliaments can best leverage the Open Government Partnership's new legislative engagement policy to develop and implement legislative openness plans and commitments.

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Carlo Marchetti (1,3 mB)

Deepening civil society/ citizen engagement through OGP (1,7 mB)

Fadli Zon (2,8 mB)

Francis Maude (0,5 mB)

Franklin De Vrieze (0,4 mB)

Giorgio Pagliari (0,2 mB)

Gordana Comic (0,5 mB)

Jonathan Murphy (0,6 mB)

Marl Cridge (2,4 mB)

Matt Lynch (0,1 mB)

Monica Kaminska (0,2 mB)

OGP 101 (Breakout) (11,5 mB)

Patricio Vallespin (3,6 mB)

Scott Goodstein (3,1 mB)

Senator Martha's (0,5 mB)

Sheba Najmi (79,7 mB)

Sotnyk Olena (2,9 mB)

Sujala Pant (1,7 mB)

Veronica Cretu (0,5 mB)


8:00 – 8:45

Registration and Coffee

26/1 Hrushevskoho Str.

9:00 – 9:50


26/1 Hrushevskoho Str.

The host parliament and government, in addition to leading members of the host coordinating committee, will offer opening remarks, welcoming conference participants and sharing their goals for the conference.

Hon. Andriy Parubiy Chairman, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Hon. Volodymyr Groysman Prime Minister of Ukraine
Hugues Mingarelli EU Ambassador to Ukraine
Neal Walker UN Resident Coordinator
María Baron Member, OGP Steering Committee; Executive Director, Directorio Legislativo (Argentina)
Hon. David Dreier Founding Chairman, House Democracy Partnership

9:50 – 10:10

Keynote: Envisioning a Democratic Renaissance

26/1 Hrushevskoho Str.

The keynote speaker will explore how open government, and the Open Government Partnership in particular, can help reinvigorate democracy and restore citizen trust in democratic politics.

Rt. Hon. Francis Maude Former Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General, UK Government;Former Co-Chair, OGP Steering Committee

10:10 – 11:10

Parliaments, Citizen Trust, and Openness

26/1 Hrushevskoho Str.

Parliaments, along with other public institutions, are struggling in many countries to retain and build citizen trust. To what extent can the parliamentary openness agenda help build citizen confidence in parliaments more generally? This panel discussion will bring together parliamentary leaders, parliamentary openness advocates, and experts on public perceptions of parliaments to explore this important issue.

María Baron Member, OGP Steering Committee; Executive Director, Directorio Legislativo (Argentina)
Hon. Fadli Zon Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives of Indonesia (TBC)
Jonathan Murphy Team Leader, UNDP Rada for Europe Program
Hon. Oksana Prodan MP, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

11:10 – 11:30

Coffee Break

26/1 Hrushevskoho Str.

11:30 – 12:30

Parliaments and the Open Government Partnership

26/1 Hrushevskoho Str.

In many Open Government Partnership member countries, the legislature plays an important role in the National Action Plan process. In some countries, parliaments have supported the full implementation of NAP commitments by passing or amending legislation, for instance. In other countries, legislatures have developed commitments regarding their own transparency or citizen engagement efforts. The OGP Steering Committee recently approved a legislative engagement policy that invites further parliamentary participation and outlines how parliaments should participate in the initiative. This session will focus on how parliaments can best take advantage of the new legislative engagement policy to pursue legislative openness reforms and support the national OGP process.

Tonusree Basu Program Officer, Open Government Partnership Support Unit

Mukelani Dimba Member, OGP Steering Committee; Executive Director, Open Democracy Advice Centre (South Africa)

Hon. Irina Pruidze MP, Parliament of Georgia

Julia Keutgen Parliamentary Development Specialist, UNDP (Moderator)

12:30 – 13:30

Technology, Disinformation, and Fake News

Fake news and disinformation are beginning to have a significant impact on democratic politics in the 21st century. While digital innovations and social media provide new avenues for citizens to engage with their governments, they also provide a public platform for disinformation campaigns, which can have negative effects on the quality of public discourse. This session will consider how parliaments can develop strategies for engaging online that mitigate these new risks while still upholding standards of openness.

Margo Gontar Cofounder,
Scott Goodstein CEO, Revolution Messaging
Monica Kaminska Cyber Security Expert, University of Oxford
Hon. Svitlana Zalishchuk MP, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (TBC)
K. Scott Hubli Director of Governance Programs, NDI (Moderator)

13:30 – 14:10


26/1 Hrushevskoho Str.

14:10 – 15:00

Participants Walk to the Verkhovna Rada Session Hall

(1, 2, 4 Entrances, Verkhovna Rada)

All participants will be required to pass through security at the Verkhovna Rada. Participants must present a valid passport to enter the Verkhovna Rada.

15:00 – 16:00

Working Collaboratively to Advance Openness

5 Hrushevskoho Str, Session Hall

The Open Government Partnership relies on collaboration, working relationships between governments and civil society. As the representative branch of government, parliaments are uniquely suited to engage with civil society on open government issues. This session will explore how different parliaments are working with civil society groups to advance legislative openness, both in the OGP process and otherwise.

Guillermo Ávila Researcher, Fundar (Mexico)
Hon. Gordana Čomić Deputy Speaker, Serbian National Assembly
Cristiano Ferri Faria Director of the HackerLab, Chamber of Deputies of Brazil
Hon. Giorgio Pagliari Senator, Senate of Italy
Vadym Miskyi Head of Advocacy, Reanimation Package of Reforms (Moderator)

16:20 – 18:20

Breakout Sessions: OGP Academy

26/1 Hrushevskoho Str.

During this session, participants will have the option of joining several different breakout sessions that share information on different topics related to the Open Government Partnership. Each session will run twice for one hour, so participants will have the opportunity to join two different breakout session. These breakouts will also provide an opportunity for informal discussion and question and answer.

SESSION B: OGP’s New Legislative Engagement Policy
SESSION C: Reviewing Parliamentary Commitments
SESSION D: Engagement with Civil Society

20:00 – 22:00

Reception and Introduction to Ukrainian Culture

22 Hrushevskoho Str.

The welcoming reception will include a dance performance, Ukrainian and international hits played by classical instruments by the ROMIAN Quartet, and an exhibition of anticorruption posters.

8:30 – 9:10

Participants Travel to the Verkhovna Rada

All participants will be required to pass through security at the Verkhovna Rada. Participants must present a valid passport to enter the Verkhovna Rada.

9:10 – 9:15


5 Hrushevskoho Str, Session Hall

Blerta Cela, Deputy Country Director, UNDP

9:15– 9:35

Keynote: Parliamentary Transparency and Democratic Transformation

5 Hrushevskoho Str, Session Hall

Hon. Pat Cox Former President, European Parliament;

9:35 – 10:00

Keynote: Public Innovation and Openness

5 Hrushevskoho Str, Session Hall

The keynote speaker will explore how open government, digital innovation, and user centered design can streamline government and strengthen democracy.

Sheba Najmi Founder, Code for Pakistan


10:00 – 11:00

Open Legislative Data: Opportunities and Best Practice

5 Hrushevskoho Str, Session Hall

Many parliaments have developed OGP commitments to publish more legislative information as open data. Open data helps ensure that parliamentary information is accessible, and can help promote deeper citizen engagement in the work of parliament. During this session, an expert panel will discuss the importance of open legislative data, consider how open data can help engage citizens in the legislative process, and provide advice to parliaments that are interested in publishing more information as open data.

Veronica Cretu President, Open Government Institute (Moldova)
Mark Cridge Chief Executive, mySociety (UK)
Carlo Marchetti Head of Information Systems Development, Senate of Italy
Matthew Lynch Senior Parliamentary Counsel, Scottish Government
Nadiia Babynska Open Data Expert (Moderator)

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee Break

5 Hrushevskoho Str.

11:30 – 12:10

Technology Demos

5 Hrushevskoho Str, 3rd floor

During this session, different parliaments and civil society organizations will have the opportunity to demo their technology tools. Technology demos will take place at tables throughout the coffee break area, and participants are welcome to ask questions and engage the different organizations.

12:10 – 13:20

“Lightning Talk” Country Updates

5 Hrushevskoho Str, Session Hall

During this session, speakers will have an opportunity to share brief updates regarding openness, ethics, and trust in the legislature.

Svetislava Bulajić Secretary General, National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia
Hon. Karu Jayasuriya Speaker, Parliament of Sri Lanka
Hon. Mauricio Lizcano President, Senate of Colombia
Hon. Martha Wanjira Senator, Senate of Kenya
Charles Chauvel Team Leader, Inclusive Political Processes, UNDP (Moderator)
Victoria Siumar MP, Ukraine

13:20 – 14:00


5 Hrushevskoho Str.

14:00 – 15:00

Regulation of Lobbying and Parliamentary Ethics

5 Hrushevskoho Str, Session Hall

Ethical conduct in the legislature is essential to maintaining public trust and confidence. As such, most parliaments maintain an ethics regime that establishes guidelines for ethical behavior, works with MPs to ensure these guidelines are met, and responds to breaches of ethics rules. During this session, a panel of experts will discuss recent developments in lobbying regulation and legislative ethics, as well as the importance of strong ethics systems to ensuring public confidence.

Daniel Freund Head of Advocacy, Transparency International
Svitlana Matvienko, Chairwomen of the Board, Agency for Legislative Initiatives
Sarah Myers-Mutschall Counsel, U.S. House Committee on Ethics
Hon. Olena Sotnyk MP, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Hon. Patricio Vallespín MP, Congress of Chile
Ihor Kohut  Chief of Party, USAID Rada Program (Moderator)

15:00 – 16:00

Open Budgets: Role of the Legislature

5 Hrushevskoho Str, Session Hall

The international movement for budget transparency has operated in parallel with that for parliamentary transparency. A main focus has been on citizen engagement through civil society led initiatives. At the same time, parliaments are often responsible not only for debating and approving national budgets, but also in monitoring budget execution. In this session, speakers will discuss the roles of the legislature and of civil society in realizing the principles of open budget, how they can best work together, and how an open budget can help build public confidence in government.

Franklin De Vrieze Senior Governance Adviser, Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD)

Hon. Jacob L'Okori Oulanyah Deputy Speaker, Parliament of the Republic of Uganda

Hon. Stav Shaffir MP, The Knesset

Sujala Pant Governance Specialist, UNDP

Viktor Maziarchuk Financial and Economic Analysis Office, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Moderator)

16:00 – 16:20

Keynote: The Future of Parliament

5 Hrushevskoho Str, Session Hall

The speaker will offer remarks on the ways that technology is changing the work of parliament, and will consider how parliaments can effectively capitalize on the opportunities presented by new technologies going forward.

Hon. Smári McCarthy Member of Parliament, Icelandic Parliament

16:20 – 17:00

Closing Remarks

5 Hrushevskoho Str, Session Hall

Mukelani Dimba Co-chair, OGP Steering Committee; Executive Director, Open Democracy Advice Centre (South Africa)

Hon. Hanna Hopko MP, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Hon. Cristián Monckeberg MP, Congress of Chile

Jonathan Murphy, Team Leader, EU-UNDP Rada for Europe Project



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